Friday, February 18, 2011

The Wicker Man (1973)

Well, it looks like the poster is doing most of the hype-building for me. Hmmm, wonder what's going to happen with that man-shaped flammable totem with a little man-sized compartment in it? Could flesh be about to burn? In what I believe to be our first straight-up horror movie, it looks like most of the scares are going to come from what appears to be a pretty ham-fisted representation of the inherent evils of hippie culture. Sort of a horror version of Burning Man (coincidence?). I must say, I am excited so see a somewhat young Christopher Lee playing some sort of neopagan priest named Lord Summersisle, and how exactly this movie, dubbed the Citizen Kane of horror movies (presumably by someone who was a lot more impressed with Citizen Kane than I was), blends the horror and musical genres. And I like both Sleuth and Frenzy, so I've got a semi-open mind about this one. Don't take the brown acid!

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