Tuesday, March 8, 2011

That's How It's Done, Adaptation

"It" referring to making a movie that manages to both lampoon and enact Hollywood cliche without (and here's where Adaptation failed) becoming a crappy movie.

This one was just as fun as I remembered--the cameos, the meta-tastic plot, Vincent D'Onofrio. And I think it ages really well. This time, I also appreciated the conceit that movies and reality are seamless. One is always bleeding into the other. In The Player it's sinister for Griffin, but I think it's actually really beautiful and exciting for the audience of the movie. I think it's a really compelling argument for the importance of paying attention to movies. We're always simultaneously in one and watching one.

I also counted about a dozen films that we're probably going to end up watching during the course of this project! For me, I'm either hot (Gosford Park) or cold (Nashville) on Altman, but this one was a winner. It also made me want to have an L.A. film-fest. This, L.A. Story, Chinatown. . .

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