Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Down by Law (1986)

Pro: Stars Tom Waits as a Nola DJ imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, and the soundtrack features songs from Rain Dogs.
Con: It's directed by Jim Jarmusch.
Pro: A B&W Indie, the plot sounds like a fascinating character study that investigates relationships between men in a way not bromance-y.
Con: It's directed by Jim Jarmusch.
Pro: Made quite a splash on the indie film circuit when it premiered, being nominated for a handful of Independent Spirit Awards and the Palme d'Or.
Con: Jarmusch, Jarmusch, Jarmusch.

So I'm not a fan of Jim Jarmusch. I've seen a handful of his films, and usually find them oblique, self-indulgent, and impenetrable. But this one *sounds* good. . . so I'm willing (and hoping) to be pleasantly surprised.

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