Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sex and the City?

So, do you think Chip/Frank and Brunhilde (!) did the deed? How about "Prehistoric Man" and the professor? I must say, I didn't expect there to be even the intimation of action in this musical from the '40s, so, well played, I say.

I did like this one a good bit more than American in Paris, though they both felt the need to include a LONG ballet-like dancey sequence. Wonder when this convention got dropped. But other than that, I thought it was funny and surprising--the women (except for Miss Turnstiles) were quite aggressive, to say the least, in their pursuit of the sailors! I especially liked the anthropology prof, mainly because she had the best outfits.

I loved Frank's commitment to his itinerary! I can relate. Although he probably killed someone tossing the guidebook over the Empire State Building.

Made me want to go back to New York, in any case. What's the book's take?

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