Monday, October 31, 2011

Let them eat Barbara

GOD, she was irritating--start to finish. I much prefer Johnny, her bratty brother. Even zombie-fied, he was a more sympathetic character. Their opening conversation was also by far the sharpest bit of writing. "I hardly remember what Dad looks like." Want a reminder?

So, now we've seen Night of the Living Dead. I get why it's influential and important--the tight focus on a small community of people dealing with a worldwide supernatural epidemic, the breakdown of interpersonal relationships, etc. It's clear M. Night Shamalama is a big fan. Some of the shots were truly creepy--the profusion of hands breaking into the house was particularly effective, and I liked the B&W though I'm pretty sure it was a choice driven by budget rather than aesthetics.

But, this being a horror movie, everyone pretty much acts like a moron. You might want to shut all the windows before you board them up, maybe wait until daybreak for your run to get gas plan, and if you're going to waste a bullet executing d-bag Mr. Cooper, for God's sake aim for the head.

These zombies were not fully fleshed out, if you'll forgive the pun. So they can use tools? Why aren't more of the reanimated corpses at least partially devoured? My favorite bits BY FAR were the news clips of government officials trying to deal with the outbreak, and definitely the bandoliered sheriff. He cracked me up.

I get the bitter irony of the ending, but again, dude, maybe shout out "I'm not a ghoul!" once you ascertain the rescue party isn't either? As you yourself pointed out, these walkers don't talk.

So, what sayeth the book? And Nat, did you also find the closing stills with red-necky cops standing over a black man's body a tad bit lynchy?

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