Friday, November 18, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the It's Gonna Get Ugly

Innocently browsing my local bookstore the other week I was smacked in the face with this:

That's right, people, we have a new edition. And it's "updated." Yeah--that's in quotes for a reason. If you take a peek at our Manifesto Fiesta, you'll note that we were expecting a new edition earlier but couldn't find it. But, now, almost 50 movies in to our little project, we've got to change the rules just a tad to accommodate some new films and some deletions.

The basics of the update are:

1. No movie on the list with a release date prior to 1997 was touched. Yep, revision at it's finest. Let's just retouch the conclusion a bit and not, say, delete a redundant Buster Keaton or four. 

2. Thirteen films from the 2005 list were removed--including some that are going to induce some fightin' words when their numbers are called.

3. Ten films were removed from the 2009 list. Fewer fightin' words elicited here but some nonetheless. A few demand cheering for a "what were you thinking adding that one in the first place?"

4. Twenty-three films were added in the 2011 update some of which have already garnered "not watching it again" or "not watching it at all" reactions from us.

So, how to handle a new edition? Basically, the same way we handled the 2009 update. We've added a column to our roll lists.

Using the original list as numbers like we've been doing, we roll. If we roll a movie that's still on the 2011 list, super! (again, that's ALL of them before 1997, or 987 of the 1001 movies)

If we roll a movie that's been removed by the 2008 list, we roll for the 1-29 list of movies added in 2008 just like we have been from the beginning.

The new part is that if the movie was removed by the 2011 list (in other words, it was in both the 2005 and 2008 lists), we roll for a movie of added 2011 movies. Then we watch 2 movies.

The other new part is that is we roll a movie that was removed by the 2008 list, and we roll for the 1-29 list of movies added in 2008 and come up with a movie removed in 2011, we'll have to roll for one added in 2011. And then we watch 3 movies. 

So, for example, we rolled The Big Lebowski but it's off the 2005 list. So we rolled Go, See and Become that was added in 2008. With the new list, we have to roll again for the 2011 list because Go, See, and Become has been removed. If you take a look at the right column, you'll see that we've added The Hurt Locker to that set of movies; it was added in 2011.

There are only 23 new ones in 2011 and 8 of those correspond to films that were on both the 2005 and 2008 films so we'd only have to watch three films 15 out of 1001 times.

And, breathe. It's actually a lot simpler than it sounds thanks to Excel lists. 

In other news, Tracy and I will be in the same place for almost a week so we're planning on watching a few of the movies together and trying to co-blog our reactions.

And, you see that "Docs of Films Special Feature" to the right? We're coming up on our 50th movie--Hooray! we're almost 1/20th of the way there :/  --and we're writing special blog posts.

Otherwise, we're signing off for the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you eat 'til your hearts' content and watch a  few movies!

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