Monday, January 16, 2012

Being John Malkovich (1999)

After German genocidal dictators and French psychopathic serial killers, I think everyone can agree Nat and I deserve a break. Thank you Hindu floaty thing for Being John Malkovich coming up in the rotation! This movie is a tripped-out fantastical delight. Written by Charlie Kaufman and directed by Spike Jonze, it's no surprise that this flick brings the weird. John Cusack (!) plays a puppeteer (!!) who finds a portal that leads to the mind of John Malkovich (!!!!!!). Sure we've got to slog through an appearance by Cameron Diaz, but overall, the movie is a razor-sharp and riotously clever black comedy--at least the Academy thought so; Kaufman's script was nominated for Best Original Screenplay. And "original" it certainly is. As a bonus, BJM features Charlie Sheen as Malkovich's best friend, tossing off some pretty stellar one-liners before he got too weird and violent to be appreciated. It shall be a Happy New Year indeed!

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