Friday, March 16, 2012

La Historia Oficial (1985)

This Argentinian film won the Best Foreign Language Oscar, and it sounds like a doozy. I'm trying to avoid spoilers, because it sounds like the resolution of the plot might be a gut punch. The film chronicles the journey of an upper-class Argentinian couple who suspect their adopted daughter might be a victim of the forced disappearances that plagued the country during the 1970s "Dirty War." I know basically nothing about the "Dirty War," or about Argentinian politics as a whole, to be honest--my familiarity literally begins and ends with Evita. I'm looking forward to complicating and developing my understanding of the country and time period beyond "stuff sucked for a long time."

Update! This will be a topical pick! I heard this story on NPR today about a woman, now in her 30s, who was adopted by a media mogul in Argentina and recently underwent DNA testing to see if she was the daughter of one of those "disappeared" during the Dirty War. The mother of the lost woman thought she saw a family resemblance with the young girl, who was on TV all the time living this amazing life of privilege. Seems that the kidnappings and murders are still reverberating through Argentina in a heartbreaking way over thirty years later.

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