Saturday, May 12, 2012

Das Boot (1981)

In my head, Das Boot is an ancient relic of a film--sort of like All Quiet on the Western Front. I was pretty surprised to find out that I'm older than it is, and that the writer-director, Wolfgang Peterson, is also the auteur behind Outbreak, Air Force One, and Troy. I have a feeling this movie is a little different, though. This adaptation of a German novel follows the crew of a fictional U-Boat crew, depicting, and I quote from Wikipedia, both the "excitement of battle and the tedium of the fruitless hunt." Tedium. Great. The movie is available in both a theatrical cut, running a brisk 149 minutes, and a director's cut, clocking in at 209. Guess whose Netflix account will only send her the latter? The film is pretty universally acknowledged to be among the best of all German film and it was nominated for six Academy Awards. It also comes with the My Dad Seal of Approval, who suggests Nat and I watch it in a closet, with the heat turned up. Don't think we'll be taking that advice.

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