Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I wanted them to drive off that cliff.

Seriously? I needed to watch this before I died? (at least according to the older version of 1001) The only check mark I'm putting in the "pro" column here is that I never have to watch it again. Ever.

In the "con" column: I don't know exactly how to express my dissatisfaction with this film. I was really, sincerely hoping that Simon would kill Ariane at some point, that Ariane would run off and leave Simon (or kill him), that Simon would jump out the window, that they'd drive off the cliff on the way from the aunt's house while kissing . . . That something, ANYTHING, would happen. Her drowning is not satisfying. Ariane taking Simon down with her was the only solution I'd be happy with. And I was really only going to be happy if that happened within 10 minutes of the movie starting so I could watch a real film.

What either person was getting out of the relationship, I don't know. What I was supposed to get out of viewing their relationship, I don't know. Why it was in the book, I don't know (I don't have that copy in LA with me).

I'm going to assume that it being French and a looser than loose adaptation of Proust are the reasons.

I do know that I'm not posing any argument for it having been removed from the list.


  1. I know! Could there BE two more distasteful people? And all their freaky friends weren't even freaky in an interesting way. They should have at least made the apartment more attractive so it could qualify as architecture porn.

    I'm sure you're right re: French and Proust. 1001 couldn't resist.wo

  2. Yes! I was distracted by Blogger being down when I went to write the post so most of what I hated went right out of my head. I understand wanting to make the film only from Simon's p.o.v. but it's not at all interesting if we never see her or her friends do anything she could be condemned for. And, that we don't get that she was potentially a lesbian before meeting him until the end doesn't make the movie suspenseful or mysterious (makes it boring) and doesn't lend an ah-ha moment either (lends a "wtf--why is he trying to dry hump a lesbian while she sleeps?" moment).