Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Proust? Really?

So, most effed up couple we've encountered so far? I mean, even George and Martha from "Virginia Woolf" at least had a method to their madness. Simon and Ariene are like I imagine T.S. and Vivienne Eliot were like, except I bet they weren't nearly as boring in their mutually destructive dysfunction.

I know foreign films are paced differently, but am I wrong in thinking this one was just painfully (and needlessly) slow? I also had just about enough of Simon's one expression of anxiety and nausea. His performance must have been the inspiration for Natalie Portman's perpetual mask in "Black Swan." I was *screaming* (literally, out loud) at them to break up already all the way to the aunt's house, and moaned NOOOOO when they decided to stay together. I mean, Ariene's possible lesbianism is really the least of their problems. Her passivity, narcissism and compulsive (bad) lying paired with his little sleeping beauty fetish give them quite enough to get on with.

Anything positive? The visuals were pretty. Other than that, it was a dud for me. What does the book say? I have a feeling all that "au contraire" was supposed to be meaningful, but I was just too bored to care. One vote for Borat.


  1. I think they are the most dysfunctional so far unless we're counting whosit and his cow. But even that was more interesting.

  2. Hah! Whosit and his "gaaaaav" totally count!