Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Le Boucher (1970)

So we're following up "Taxi Driver" with a film that seems just as dark, but Frencher. I haven't seen this one so I'm trying to avoid summaries with spoilers, but it seems that a young, naive schoolteacher befriends the local butcher, and then a series of women in the town start dying. Draw your own conclusions. I have done a bit more digging on the director, Claude Chabrol. He is considered part of the French "New Wave" (con), but is thought of as "the mainstream one" (pro). Seems promising, as he's also known for his thrillers. As we discovered with "Last Year at Marienbad," it's damn difficult to make a suspenseful movie if your aesthetic devalues conventional narrative and characterization. Here's hoping that "The Butcher" is creepy and unpredictable, and doesn't involve too much animal torture!

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