Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Amelie (2001) and Black Swan (2010)

This week brings two films that star pixie-ish women which Nat and I have both seen before. One we will be re-watching. One? Not so much. If you remember the Occupy 1001 post from a few months back, you know that my skepticism about the greatness of Black Swan, despite Portman's Oscar win for her performance as a ballerina slipping into madness (or is it liberation?) was seconded by Natalie. That, plus the grossness factor (I have a problem with fingernail stuff), is leading us to skip a re-watch, but we will be discussing it along with Amelie. That movie, on the other hand, we *will* be viewing again. The small French romcom blew up big and made a star of Audrey Tatou. The film is pretty much a cinematic definition of whimsy, and a super sweet love story between two misfits. Plus: a traveling gnome and a killer soundtrack!

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