Thursday, June 21, 2012

A guest post on Amelie

To get things rolling for our upcoming chat on Amelie, my friend Eric, Amelie connoisseur extraordinaire, gives us some food for thought.

Why does the movie Amelie appeal to me?  Amelie is a mentally ill loner who is better able to (anonymously) help others and push them into action and happiness she wishes she could do for herself (and yes, her torment of Colignon (sp?) the grocer ends in happiness for his assistant).  She receives vicarious joy through others but is incapable of experiencing it for herself first hand.  She is finally able to do so, appropriately with a nice little boy freak (with the help of The Glass Man).  Why would I not love every second?  Honestly I'd have been much happier with the story if her breakthrough had been with the help of more people - more of a community effort to return the favor(s) so to speak - and hadn't been with something so common as a "man" but at least he was also a freak like her (I love that he works at a carnival and at a porn shop).  Favorite scene: walking the blind man down the street and painting a mental picture of the goings-on for him.  Least favorite scene: all of the extreme close-ups.  Excepting most of the close-ups of Tautou whom I could watch at close proximity all day, that shit otherwise gets old.

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